Moody Brood X – Sheri Bowman – Cicada #6

Bug #6
Moody Brood X
Sheri Bowman

Artist: Cherie Bowman
Age: 63

This cicada sports an updated color palate since shedding its crispy dirt jacket. If its navy body and hot pink eyes aren’t enough to stand out on a rock wall or tree, its minty sparkly wings are sure to draw attention!

Materials Used: Acrylic paint, glitter

Hosted by: White House Nursery

Transformation Story: 17 years ago I still had the same color hair as in high school. Now I am lucky just to have hair. I think my cicada is wishing she had hair and if she did I think it would be pink with glitter high lights. Then she could attract even more cicada friends and have choral sing-a-longs with her huge group of relatives emerging in just a few days. The Hampstead/Upperco area has some very talented and loud singers so hopefully Miss Moody Broody X will produce many offspring that we can enjoy in 17 more years.

Find this Cicada:
Location: 17422 Falls Rd, Upperco, MD 21155